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Please email your completed article to contact [at] officialwebmaster[dot] com along with which blog Content Category you want the  Blog post to appear on.

Guidelines For Writing A Guest Post: General Tips


  • Read the blog posts at to have an idea about topics and formatting.
  • Think your idea before you write a massive Blog post. I don’t want you to spend hours writing if I can’t publish your Blog.
  • Be helpful. I want to Unique and genuine informative blogs to my readers, so try be practical and help them in all possible ways.
  • Be unique. I like to see content that has not been published elsewhere.
  • Be creative. Surprise the readers, experiment with the topics and have fun.
  • Be relevant. Write Blog post about the topics Internet of Blog Covers cover.
  • Be comprehensive. Google, Internet of Blog, Official Webmaster & Chartered Blogger loves long Contents with proper meaning.
  • Focus on Readers first, SEO is second. If people love your post Google will love it too.


  • Over-promise and under-deliver. Be realistic to how much you will contribute.
  • Insult or behave like a troll. We like controversial issues, but with respect.
  • Expect to earn money. We do not pay for our guest bloggers.
  • Pay to be published. We don’t accept bribes (below 7 digits).
  • Re-publish your post elsewhere.

Who Can Submit Blog Post ?

Anybody, I don’t discriminate in terms of age, gender, race,
education, location, reputation, diplomas, blogging experience, etc. You
don’t need to be a famous blogger neither a senior professor.
You just need to have a good story to tell, be able to write it down
and read these guidelines for writing Blog post. And that’s it.
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