Why did Google Choose .xyz as their domain name of parent Alphabet Inc?


After Google announced the news of its new domain name, everyone is looking for answers to this question. This was possibly one of the largest business moves in the history of the company. The parent company called Alphabet chose their domain name as .xyz and Google will continue to be the dominant search engine. Google also bought a domain name that consists of the entire alphabet. The URL contains the entire English alphabet and it is called abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com.

Alphabet is actually a collection of companies. If you open abc.xyz, you will find a letter from Larry Page himself telling about Google’s commitment to innovative ideas and why the name Alphabet was chosen.

There are lots of speculations on why Google chose it as a domain name. It doesn’t mean that dot com is fully saturated and they couldn’t find anything for their parent company. It might be the end of dot com era as Google has shown how innovative you should be in the naming of the company. As the name of the company is Alphabet, it is wiser to choose abc.xyz, when the .xyz domain is available. These are the opportunities that the company should be looking for when naming the company and while choosing the domain name.

It cannot be said to be the end of a dot com era, but a beginning to new domain names. Therefore, the businesses can choose their own domain names that match the company name. This would give them visibility to a larger audience as it will reflect what their business is all about. After Google chose to have a domain name as .xyz, it was evident that many other companies would be looking for opportunities to select the domain name related to their businesses.

There is Digital Marketing Agency known as “Kompany” that had followed the footsteps of Google in naming the company. It has given a very powerful and meaningful name that relates to the services provided by them. As the people all over the world search for keywords in the search engine, the Kompany had named it by deriving the name from two words- “Keyword” and “Company”. In naming the company, the alphabet “K” has been given much importance as the Keyword had inspired them to pick the alphabet.

The domain name chosen by the company is also inspired by Google. This company has chosen .xyz as the domain name as it reflects the services provided by the company. Kompany has given prime importance to the alphabet “K” and chose the logo according to it. It has “Kangaroo” in its logo that defines agility and strength. The naming of the services provided by the Kompany is also inspired by the Alphabet “K”. The services offered to the clients are “Keyword”, which is nothing but SEO and SEM services, “Kickstart” is for start-up tools, “Kontent” defines content writing services and “Komputer” as the company deals in buying and selling as well as servicing the laptops and computers.

In this digital era, where everyone is searching for that perfect name, the purpose of starting the company will be the top priority rather than just searching and registering on dot com. In the future, it would be easy to find exactly what you need. It also adds SEO value to it as it exactly matches what the people are searching for on the internet.