What is GST in Hindi ? Can any one tell me .


Well I was surprised to get an email alert from google that on the day of GST Launch by the government of India, People of India are still searching ” What is GST in Hindi ”  It clearly indicates that the citizens of India especially who are hindi language speaking and haven’t studied english has so far have no clue about GST , i,e Goods and Service Tax which is replaced in place service tax and Vat . Were these people really paying Service Tax and Vat and if so why are they searching for ” What is GST in Hindi ” that too on the day launching the much awaited and hyped GST.

Well lets not talk much about that, lets straight come to the point ” What is GST in Hindi ”

The full form of GST is Goods and Service Tax , so now lets convert this into hindi and come to a conclusion :

G = Goods , in Hindi Goods = माल so the short form is ” म ”

S = Service, in Hindi Service = सेवा so the short form is “स ”

T = Tax , in Hindi tax = लगान so the short form is ” ल ”

Hence in hindi GST is known as ..