Tips to make your Small Rental Space in Mumbai Look Bigger


A residential place on rent in Mumbai always looks compact and congested to an outsider. So if you live in a 1 BHK or 2 BHK rental flat in the dream city and find it quite small, here are some amazing tips to make it look quite bigger.

  • Let Clever Contrast and Light Color Do the Magic

Ensure that your rental agreement allows you to change the color and alter the flooring. If you have such a clause in your rental agreement or your landlord allows you to do so, then you cannot be any luckier. Go for a lighter shade for your walls, for instance, light blue, cream, white, pale gray, etc. You can even opt for light-colored flooring to make your space look open and bigger.

  • Open Up Your Rental Space with Light

Lightening up your residential place makes it feel more spacious as well as airy. Don’t keep the windows covered with curtains all the time. Leverage the advantage of natural light as much as you can. To cater to both the décor need as well as lightening need of your place, you can use spot lighting or torchiere light. Apart from being visually appealing, these lights help in reflecting the brightness from ceiling to the ground.

  • Take the Mirrors Seriously

When you have well-placed mirrors at your rental space, they could help in making your room appear larger. Go with individual mirrors, salon style mirrors or hang multiple ones together. They not only make the home feel bigger but reflect light that keep the space illuminated.

  • Keep Clutter at Bay

A cluttered room or room with unnecessary stuff in it look small and untidy. Do not accumulate things in your home that you don’t need. There are rental websites, for instance,, that clearly list down whether the rental place is furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished. This information helps in planning your purchase for your rental apartment in Mumbai.

  • Do the Job With Hidden Storage and Multi-Purpose Furniture

Certain furniture pieces can be folded or rolled away from sight when not in use. They can be carried out when you have guests at your place, and once they are gone, you can slide them back in. Also, invest in furniture such as sofa cum bed or bed with drawers. With their ample storage space, these furniture pieces ensure that your abode stays free from any mess.

In a city like Mumbai where it is quite tricky to find a spacious yet affordable place on rent, undertaking few tips and hacks to make the present place look roomy can shoot many troubles of staying at a small-sized home.

About the Author : The Author of this article is Farhan Rasheed , The Founder & Blogger in Chief at and an Real estate Blogger since 2003.