Renovate Before It Rains


Rains are a harbinger of hope but with them they also bring mildew, seepage and blistered walls. The last phase of summer is the ideal time to renovate. 

Bangalore had been ravaged by the strong monsoon current in 2016. It exposed the unpreparedness of the week structure of exteriors of the city, which we also call as home. This year there is still time left to control the damage.  It begins with the home—the living room to be precise. If you manage to do the drill, at least there will be lesser collateral damage. Three things are important—repair, maintenance and waterproofing. To keep the living room in shipshape, the bathrooms and kitchens need to be repaired. But prior to that waterproofing the terrace is mandatory. 

Monsoon and the Testing Times

Raindrops test the waterproofing of your house almost every year. Imagine the kind of impact they have over time.

Let’s start with seepages. During monsoon, they are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Timely check of cracks and then taking prompt corrective measures saves one from the hassle of handling leakages under the carpet. Clearing the drainage system and checking for dampness of walls—especially in the kitchen and bathrooms—stops ugly stains from forming that also spoils the paint on walls and ceilings. They should not reach the living room from any corner. The wooden furniture should also be taken care of. If done during summer months, a fresh coat of wax polish and some oil on the doors and windows will not let them jam during the monsoon. Fix a date with electrician to check for wiring both external and internal and avoid any short-circuit caused by monsoon moisture. There are interior design companies that offer various sundry services to help homeowners to overcome issues that generally occur during the rains.

Make the Terrace Waterproof

When it pours, the terrace bears the brunt and then the walls below. Make it mandatory to safeguard this space.

Bangalore has already seen how the ineffective drainage system can adversely affect the city. This is good enough a reason to make sure that the structure is safeguarded against rainwater. A heavy downpour can damage the terrace. It may also cause collateral damage to the structural integrity of the entire building. If you wish to save the living room, focus on sealing the terrace. Apartments right below the terrace tend to get damp which spoils the walls. The harm percolates to all areas of the house. The dampness also causes fungus to grow while spoiling the air quality at the same time. Only experienced and skilled professionals should be entrusted with the task of waterproofing. They will offer the right products to save the walls and other accessories in the house. A good sealing agent is used in areas that are vulnerable to getting damp often. It is advisable to even speak to your neighbors and check if their walls seep too.

Regular Inspection, Maintenance a Must

Regular maintenance and repair are required for every home, even if the best construction material was used.

Repair and maintenance is important as much as the upgrade. Even if the building has been made of the best construction materials, the rains will affect it, so will the sunlight—every year. Look for broken tiles and edges where ants have created their own space. Fix these spaces before the monsoons. There is no point in hiding them under the carpet and getting a nasty surprise in the middle of the rainy season. Corrective measures are always useful. But do get the professionals to do the work rather than hiring someone who comes cheap and causes more damage than good. Leave no stone unturned to renovate. Then sit by the window and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee by the rains this monsoon.  One can take help from interior designers in Bangalore