A Father’s Day, Why do we need to celebrate it ?


A Big Surprise ” I heard about father’s day for the first time “

Surprised to hear that 18th June is celebrated as a Father’s day or is it something you have never heard that there is a day when a son or a daughter who really know what a father does celebrate ” Father’s day ” by wishing them ” Happy Father’s Day “

When we were kids we never new about ” Father’s Day “

We remember our date of birth and we celebrate our birthday till the teenage and when we reach teenage we start to remember our girl friends date of birth and we celebrate the birth day, Not only we do celebrate a girl friends birthday but we also don’t forget to celebrate Valentines Day. We reach the age of twenties or thirties we get married and we start remembering our wife date of birth and we celebrate her birthday and not again we don’t forget to celebrate the Anniversary, Valentines day & Women’s Day. The life goes on we become parents and we start remembering the date of birth of our kids and we celebrate their birthday , We also wish them on a children’s day . Now we are a proud father, We as a father now start remembering our father and by this time we come to know, what a father do for his kids ? What could be the reason he is always busy at work? Why does father come home late ? What all compromise does a father do to his kids to make them happy ? And we feel that we too have a day celebrated as ” Father’s day” and which we forgot to celebrate with our father when we were kids and were busy demanding birthday gifts and still expect our kids celebrate Father’s day with us .

We Can Still Celebrate ” Father’s Day “

Its not too late, Dear proud father’s come lets celebrate Father’s day with our father and make them happy. Don’t worry about your wallet, your father is not expecting you to bring an expensive Cake or Gift. He just expects you to say “Happy Father’s day “

Lets celebrate ” Father’s Day with our Father this time before its too late “

On 18th June 2017 we at our twitter profile celebrating Father’s Day with a hash tag #letscelebrateFathersday I apeal to all my blog readers to join the celebration with hash tag #letscelebrateFathersday followed by good quotes on A father .

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