Boycott Baahubali 2 – Kannada Group, Kirik Keerti and Kannada Blogger Protest


Boycott Baahubali 2 – Not only the Group of Kannadigas, I as a Kannada Blogger appeal to people of Karnataka residing in other states to boycott baahubali 2 movie. We need an apology from mr.satyaraj. If we are going to watch this movie in other states then there is no point in opposing the release of Baahubali 2 in karnataka.The impact of the mischief done to our Kannada people should be much bigger.

Why Did Kattappa Kill Baahubali? was it hidden Baahubali2

Baahubali part II (Baahubali2) is ready to hit the theatres already and still there is a big question in everyone. Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali! It has become a big mystery in recent years. Though the question looks funny sometimes, it is a fact that the scene in the movie made viewers confused. The curiosity of knowing the reason for the murder is still there even after two years of its release.

Baahubali is blockbuster movie in Telugu. It has won National award as well. Director SS Rajamouli is the person behind all the achievements Baahubali did. Baahubali was a most expected blockbuster movie in 2015. And the hopes of viewers and fans was not made disappointed by the team. Baahubali is a rare drama based on the war field in ancient years. In India this movie created waves in the film land. Not just Indians, even foreign people turned towards India to see this epic movie acted by Prabhas, Rana Daggubati and many more famous actors and actresses. Though the movie was all fictional, the camera work was fantastic with the graphics at every scene. A team of experts carried the movie to a great height. It made the movie to capture more than 600 crores earnings.

Even after knowing everything about the movie Baahubali, still the climax scene is incomplete in the eyes of viewers. The director SS Rajamouli who has to answer the question is still keeping his mouth shut which led to increase the curiosity of Baahubali II (Baahubali2), which is already thought to be another blockbuster movie.

Though the team is hiding the secrete behind Baahubali’s murder, the social media did not keep quiet in giving random and most of the times funny reasons for the incident. We will check on few of them. Few people’s theory is that Kattappa was always loyal to the throne and he did listen to the words of Shivagami to kill Baahubali. But the fact shows Kattappa was even loyal to Baahubali.

Once when SS Rajamouli is interviews, everyone in the room were waiting for the burst of answer by him about the same mysterious question. He started explaining about the movie in a serious way, like “Well, I guess it’s time to tell you the truth. Firstly, I’m giving a hint, Katappa is loyal to the throne and there is another person to whom he is more loyal than that. It isn’t Bhalladeva or Sivagami. If you can guess the logic behind this the answer could be found”. When everyone was ready to know the truth, Rajamouli said “ITS ME”!

There are many funny interpretations for the answer too. Few say it is because Baahubali did send Candy Crush Saga request to Kattappa. There is another funny rumour that Prabhas said he likes Deepika, who is Kattappa’s daughter in Chennai Express, and so he killed him!

Whatever may be the interpretation of people, the suspense is kept by the director to make the sequence curious. We shall wait for the answer till the release of Baahubali II (Baahubali2).