The Internet of Coins a new startup in Digital Currency Market to change the world of Cryptocurrency.

‘The Tennis Court Oath, 1789’; oil sketch by Jacques-Louis David
We all know the latest trends going on in the world of Digital Currency, The First Internet of Money came into existence with a blockchain decentralized technology with its unshakable brand name “Bitcoin” After the success of Bitcoin (BTC) Cryptocurrency, we have noticing new startups in this domain and have seen couple of failures as well as the success stories. The second leader in the Digital Currency Market is known to be Ethereum (ETH) followed by the 3rd leader Digital Dash Coin. Dash is the Digital currency in the internet world of coins which is being appreciated cryptocurrency in terms of volume and value by over 8- 10 % on an average every day.
Here comes a new entry, The Internet of Coins which is promising to look beyond your own blockchain and is expected to launch its services online on 21st march 2017. Internet of Coins main agenda is to focus on advanced technology of personal finance. They are aiming to make the digital currency market a decentralized, self-sustaining digital economy by implementing internet of blockchain connectivity.
The group behind Internet of Coins does not consider it a financial startup. Even though with networked connection between different value systems for digital asset management they are facilitating the use of internet of finance, it is the aspect of advanced technology in personal freedom that they are aiming for.
Internet of Coins is a hub for personal finance. As a decentralized hub, it enables an optimally inclusive financial chain, interlinking all digital currency forms of value. It allows you to trade digital currency and cryptocurrency peer to peer, with an easy to use interconnect and the opportunity to earn fees by participating as an allocator.
The hub wants to provide the users the independence to use any cryptocurrency or digital property they like, the independence to issue their own assets, and the independence of not having to worry about a centralized third party holding their digital money.
The Internet of Coins team calls this as internet of Social. That is the reason why they are working with a hackathon winner Greenpeace, a Press Free Unlimited developer, a public administrator, open-source hardliners and a developer on the team. The Internet of Coins wants to keep their focus fixed on the goal, which is in the line of ethics and Non-Profit Organization.
Hybrid is an interconnectivity hub with a node-to-node system, through which Internet of Coins plans to realize its pro vision. Hybrid forms a network, featuring the ability to connect digital value systems and synchronize incoming and outgoing data flows by way of a scalable digital data chain; an innovation that they call it as weavechain.
Internet of Coins has released hybrid digital assets, which interconnect digital value systems and blockchains across markets. The hybrid digital tokens are being given as a incentive to invite people to start using the environment.
Moreover, the programming code to make this possible will be complete open source, available on a nonprofit basis and freely accessible to all for the impartial implementation of the Internet of Coins.