How to go to Kapil Sharma Show ? But it’s going to go off air . TATA Kapil Sharma


Planing to go to The Kapil Sharma Show and searching for how to go to kapil sharma show for the coming comedy nights with kapil sharma show. Well even we are not aware much about the details as the information available online indicates that the show is invite only and in most cases only the relatives and friends connected with The Kapil Sharma Show team are invited. There are instances which revealed that there were unofficial tickets being sold in the name The Kapil Sharma show. Hearing the fact about this incident kapil  tweeted an apeal to all fans of Kapil Sharma show and the ex fans of comedy nights with kapil to not fall into these kind of fraud activities . The comedy Show hosted by kapil sharma is absolutely free and is on invite only.

The best way is try your luck on how to go to kapil sharma show by writing an email to the Sony TV team associated with The Kapil Sharma Show and it is heard that in most of the cases the email requests sent by the Kapil sharma fans are acknowledged and the fans have got there invite only passes. After reading this post if any one of you know how to go to kapil sharma show, I strongly request you please use our comment box and let other fans of kapil know the way . Moreover if I would have known the secret, I would have already been and invited and the review of my visiting the kapil sharma show been posted here.

Hoping that the fans of The Kapil Sharma Show will post the comments below, Wish all other fans best of luck.

Oh my god, The Sony TV channel just revealed that its not keen on renewing the contract and the comedy show “The Kapil Sharma Show” is going of the air. No more shows to be held then why are we searching for going to The Kapil Sharma show lets start searching going to Comedy Nights live show on colors tv .