Ethereum India is the fastest growing Digital Currency soon to overtake Bitcoin


Internet of Coin : After the Digital Currency Bitcoin, The next big thing in the Digital coin world is Ethereum India. All these days almost 90 % of the Cryptocurrency Investor’s in India were favoring the Bitcoin investments and had heavily invested in this Digital coin but the momentum of Bitcoin Investment is soon going to be an old fashion, The latest trend on Indian Digital Currency Market is “Ethereum” also known as Ether in short.Due to its better security and enhanced smart contract technology features when compared with Bitcoins, The Ethereum has become the biggest rival Cryptocurrency and is being considered as threat to Indian Bitcoin Market.

One such example is the top Bitcoin Exchange Agency of India Unocoin has recently partnered with Shapeshift by introduce ethereum exchange in India followed by other leading cryptocurrency Zcash Coin. Unocoin will now offer exchange of ethereum coins, Zcash Coins along with its current digital coin “Bitcoin”

Not only is the technology which ethereum is quickly gaining its popularity among Indian Digital Coin Market but the major fact is Bitcoin is now being considered as the saturation or unaffordable investment segment, The price of Bitcoin is  dropping by huge percentage margine every single minute. Where as Etherum is gained by over 200% and growing by a margin percentage of 10-20% every single day and its the right time where all the indian cryptocurrency market will love to invest on and make huge profits out this trend.

If you are looking for exchange of Ethereum India, We would strongly recommend which follows all rules and regulations of Indian government and your investment will be in safer hands as they have there operations for quit sometime and they are the first cryptocurrency exchange agency to offer ethereum India.

Overall our editorial team from Internet of Finance department would strongly recommend, If you hold any bitcoin or BTC in short to get it exchanged with ethereum india and recover your losses which you might have lost in Bitcoin Investment due to the latest development in this digital currency world .

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When something which is also very big outperforms Bitcoin by 20x in the last 15 months. It deserves paying attention to.