E-Dinar Coin (EDR) Scam Alert Review – Loots people around the world close 2000 Million Dollars


Cryptopia : If you  heard avout a new Cryptocurrency on the similar grounds of bitcoin named as “E Dinar Coin” and there scheme based on MLM has looted people around Internet world for a tune of upto 2,000 Million Dollars. We normally do not publish a scam news about any cryptocurrencies with out proper research and our editorial team joined the scheme which claimed to pay a monthly payout of 20% returns on an investment of $ 100/- that is according to them equal amount of EDR Coin 100/- (One EDR is Equal to One USD according to official statement of Edinar founders). We are getting paid every day 0.65 EDR Coins per day in our wallet that is 20% a month which we were quite impressed initially and after a while the price of EDR Coin started decreasing we ignored it as if it was just a market trend and thinking that it will improve we just kept observations. One of our reviewer team member invested in EDR Coin in Crypto Currency Exchange website Yobit.net and another member invested on EDR Coin with Livecoin.net .Here is what the shocking news is about Edinar Coin Scam.

E-Dinar Coin costed BTC (Bitcoin) Value of 0.00130700 in yobit.net and BTC 0.00019976   for each E-Dinar Coin in Livecoin.net, First of all my question is why there is huge difference of Bitcoin Cost in too different websites we felt like it may be just a coincidence and may recover in a while when it comes to BTC price in livecoin.net. The prices remained constant in both the websites with out any major corrections in either f the websites that means we smelled something fishy going on why a low BTC cost in livecoin for each  EDR Coin and a higher EDR Coin in yobit . well you will be shocked to here the organised scam of E-Dinar Coin. Our team locally attended an E-Dinar Coin Investment meetup and we acted as if we have no clue about the investment scheme and when we attended the meeting the so called motivator who spoke on behalf of E-Dinar Coin was showcasing the website of yobit on the projector screen and communicating to investors presented in the meetup that the prices of EDR Coin are going up and there is a heavy buying going on in the best cryptocurrency exchange website online. Our team got back after the meetup started scratching there head and made a plan to withdraw EDR to there personal wallet . Know in yobit account a flashing message appeared E-Dinar Wallet not available due to up gradation in the EDR Network.Now lets have look back what hapened when we tried withdrawing EDR Coins to another E-Wallet account through livecoin, We received payment in just 10 minutes.

The summary of the whole exercise about E-Dinar Coin Investment is it’s just an organised scam of Crypto World and to our surprise when we tried withdrawing again from livecoin and we could not succeed. We reaquest all the investors of EDR Coin to exchange all EDR Coins with other alternative Crypto Coins. Top three investments would be Bitcoin, Ethereum and Digital Dash Coins where according to us the investment is safe and secured.