Bitcoin is the Future of Money. Here is Why


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We already showed you what top business thinkers are saying about Bitcoin . They are sharing their thoughts because they understand that Bitcoin is the future of money.

In order to see why Bitcoin is the future, it is important to understand how money has changed over the course of history. Early trade relied on bartering. To standardize this process, primitive currencies were made and eventually evolved into the use of precious metals like gold and silver. When these became difficult to store or transfer the paper money that we use today was invented.

Eventually governments realized they could print more money when they needed it, creating debt and inflation. This system will not be able to continue forever, as these currencies will eventually be completely devalued. Experts say there are over 10,000 types of paper currency, all of which are subject to the whims of the governments that create them. This unsecure, unreliable monetary system means we need a new currency solution.

Bitcoin, being a scarce resource at only 21 million coins, retains its value indefinitely. People are tired of seeing money manipulated for private interests, and Bitcoin is immune to those problems because its value is based on mathematical principles.

It’s time to invest in secure currency that retains its value based on scarcity, while being supported by math and open source code. To help you better understand the evolution of money and invest in the future, we created this fantastic infographic showing the history of the money: