7 Steps parents can take to enforce mobile and internet safety


7 Steps parents can take to enforce mobile and internet safety

The world is changing quickly. Children are using technology and the internet every time. They have access to the internet everywhere through which they can visit social media sites and can contact with each other. Everything is in their hand. This is all because of technology advancement. They have an environment in which communication through technology occurs. They share their pictures with friends, also share their activities etc.

It is understood that the evolution or progress of technology has many advantages as well as disadvantages. The youngsters are using mobile phones, laptops or any other technology more than the limit. With the passage of time, their use of technology is increasing and children have started the use of technology before teenage. Parents should discuss the positive usage of internet and technology for the sake of their kid’s safety.

There are seven simple things the parents should do for their kid’s safety:

Set tech time limits:

As a parent, you should limit the time of technology and internet usage of their children; you should set boundaries to limit the use of mobile phone and computer. In old times, the children use to play physical games which help them to stay physically fit but now a day’s children spend more time on social networks or computer they play online games, which affect their mental and physical health.

Establish rules about which sites kids are permitted to use:

You should limit access to certain sites. You may block some sites that you do not want your kid to access for his safety. In this way, they cannot open an unknown site which saves them from cyber crimes. There are apps which parents can use that announce or warn you about your child’s activities.

Speak with your children:

Communicate with your child in a frank and friendly way about their safety. You should tell them that it is dangerous and risky to use unknown sites. This shows your concern for them. Maybe your children understand you and avoid the wrong use of mobile phone and internet.

Keep computers within sight:

You should place your computer in an open space where the whole family uses to sit. It helps you to watch every activity of your child. This is a good way to keep him safe from internet and technology harms, it also releases your stress.

Teach your children how to use computers for educational Purpose:

Ask your children to use internet and mobile phone for education purpose. Try to access those sites that give you knowledge except social media sites.

Make sure your child’s private and important information is secure:

Parents should ask their children to secure themselves and their personal things like pictures or anything through which anyone can exploit them. Save them from hackers, ask them not to upload their personal information online for their safety.

Be aware of your child’s emotional changes:

Many articles have been published which let us know that many children get emotional on useless things in social media and result in their deaths. Parents should control their child’s emotion by keeping an eye on them.


Aline Carrara is social media experimentalist and works with TOS Cell Phone Spy Software. She loves to write about children social media privacies and mobile online safety. To know more about her follow her on Twitter @alinecarrara7