Top 10 Bloggers in India and about me


There are just two approaches to prevail with regards to blogging and be among the Top 10 Bloggers in India : read thoroughly and executing (carrying out what you have learnt from what you read). In case you’re not a consistent reader of online top bloggers  and don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s happening around your specialty, you can never make an effective blog that profits. What this simply means is that you are heading to failure in blogging career.

Checking top blogger portals is an easy decision on getting the chance of acquiring what you need to get the most recent trend in your industry. Some of my most loved bloggers that I as a rule read are Indian top bloggers. Furthermore, I jump at the chance to read thoroughly Indian bloggers online since I can relate myself with them.

Quite a while back, in my past blog, I give further details about some Indian bloggers that you should read in this specialty. Today, I am showing you these. Some of them have kept their places and some have missed out.

This is my undisputed top choices of all Indian bloggers in toppers list, majority of these Indian websites discuss Blogging and how to profit on the web. I’m motivated by a large number of them and that is the reason Chartered Blogger is here at this point.

To begin with, first we require some sort of motivation. Because of some truly magnificent bloggers which offers motivation stories of bloggers and hint on new companies. So in this list-down there will be a few sites which keeps you propelled to  better blogging.

Table of Contents

  • Best Indian Bloggers on Top 10 Rank and  You Must Read other than my blog “Chartered Blogger”

o          1) : Digital Inspiration

o          2) ShoutMeLoud : Shouters Who Inspire

o          3) Next Big What

o          4) Your Story

o          5) : India Business and Technology Buzz

o          6) Techpp : Technology Personalized

o          7) 9Lessons

o          8) Tech 2

o          9) SaveDelete

o          10) Hell Bound Bloggers

Most excellent Indian Blogs You Necessity Read Every Day

1) : Digital Inspiration

Begun by Amit Agarwal with a dream to spread the way of life of blogging in India. Amit quit his business to end up distinctly the principal proficient blogger from India.

Amit holds a degree from IIT which is consider as the most astounding B.Tech degree in India. He is likewise recorded in Adsense example of overcoming adversity by Google.

Amit fundamentally expounds on How-to Guides and gives answer for issues identified with innovation. Labnol is the ideal blog where you can discover innovation improved for you. Labnol At A Glance –

Amit Agrawal at his Office Door

  • Founder/Owner – Amit Agrawal
  • Started In Year – 2004
  • Topics Covered – Tech Guides, How-to Guide
  • Income Source – Adsense, Blog Ads
  • Alexa Rank – 8945
  • DA (Domain Authority): 85/100
  • Page Rank – 6

In conclusion, if you want a ideal tech related blog, Labnol is best. It is also globally follow Indian blog .

2) ShoutMeLoud : Shouters Who Inspire

Being a blogger, I want to examine online journals which shows me the genuine and amazing basics of blogging. Cruel Agrawal is the individual in charge of the considerable number of exercises on ShoutMeLoud.

Brutal is a youthful chap and extremely energetic to learn new thing. Cruel is Delhi based blogger. He expounds on Blogging, WordPress, SEO and Make Money OnlineShoutMeLoud At A Glance –

  • Founder/Owner – Harsh Agrawal
  • Started In Year – 2008
  • Topics Covered – Blogging, WordPress Tips, SEO
  • Income Source -Affiliate, Adsense, Direct Ads, Blogging & SEO Consulting
  • Alexa Rank – ~4666
  • Page Rank – 4
  • DA: 58/100

So, if you purely want to learn how to blog, ShoutMeLoud is the perfect choice from my side.

3) Next Big What

This is another comer in our rundown. Next Big What was begun by Ashish Sinha with a dream to lead India adolescents to the street of business enterprise.

Next Big What is a blog which I regularly read to make myself propelled and to peruse the most recent incident in India. This blog additionally covers most encouraging new companies and their work. Ashish handles this blog from IT city of India – Bangalore Next Big What At A Glance –

  • Founder/Owner – Ashish Sinha
  • Started In Year – 20o9
  • Topics Covered – Entrepreneurship, Start Ups, Business News
  • Income Source – Adsense, Direct Ads
  • Alexa Rank – ~76450
  • Page Rank – 4
  • DA: 65/100

Next Big What is the perfect place to read about new set ups and to learn entrepreneurship coaching.

4) Your Story

At whatever point I am feeling low, agonizing over future, YourStory is the thing that I allude perusing. Yourstory is the ideal place on the web to figure out how the considerable pioneer were conceived.

Fundamentally, Your story underscore on ladies power and why ought not, when there are ladies who are such fruitful pioneers. Shardha Sharma is the author and editorial manager in-head of Your story.

This blog has made an incredible market an incentive in brief time. It manages examples of overcoming adversity, business rules and new companies. Your Story At A Glance –

  • Founder/Owner – Shradha Sharma
  • Started In Year – 2010
  • Topics Covered – Entrepreneurship, Business guidelines.
  • Income Source – Adsense
  • Alexa Rank – ~4560
  • Page Rank – 2
  • DA: 75/100

If you want to know the real women power, YS is the perfect blog. Many inspirational stories about the leaders are also shared. One of my favorite and I also recommend  this to you.

5) : India Business and Technology Buzz is an unadulterated Indian blog which covers all the stuff entirely identified with India. Trak was begun in 2007 by an America return Arun Prabhudesai.

In a meeting Arun stated, India has more ability to accomplish more than different nations yet need appropriate direction and mindfulness. This was the fundamental point behind Trak. Arun now lives in Pune, Maharashtra. is presently India’s most perused business blog. Alongside the business news, Trak likewise manages the drifting innovation in India. Trak At A Glance –

  • Founder/Owner – Arun Prabhudesai
  • Started In Year – 20o7
  • Topics Covered – Business news
  • Income Source – Adsense
  • Alexa Rank – ~26464
  • Page Rank – 6
  • DA: 60/100

6) Techpp : Technology Personalized

Techpp is India’s most loved online tech magazine. The individual behind Techpp is Raju PP. Raju holds an Engineering degree in Electronics and media transmission. Raju lives in Banglore.

As the name portray “Innovation Personalized” techpp offers tips to convey innovation all the more nearer to you. Alongside current innovation overhauls, techpp likewise shares tips and advisers for make innovation all the more well disposed.

  • Founder/Owner – Raju PP
  • Started In Year – 2008
  • Topics Covered – Technology
  • Income Source – Adsense, Direct ads,seo
  • Alexa Rank – ~43902
  • Page Rank – 3
  • DA: 56/100

I love reading techpp as it gives a simpler way to interact with latest technology. If you want to learn some simple tips about internet, gadgets etc..techpp will be a good choice for you.

7) 9Lessons

9Lessons – the main surely understood Indian blog which shares the web advancement tips. 9Lessons was begun by Srinivas Tamada who lives in Chennai.

Srinivas is additionally an Engineer by training and an expert blogger by calling. Since I am additionally from the specialized foundation I cherish perusing

You can learn different web innovations like css, jquery,php etc.on this blog. Srinivas likewise builds up his own code and furthermore observed offering this codes on the web. Essentially 9Lessons is a blog concentrating on programming. 9Lessons At A Glance –

  • Founder/Owner – Srinivas Tamada
  • Started In Year – 2008
  • Topics Covered – Programming, web technologies
  • Income Source – Adsense, Direct Ads
  • Alexa Rank – ~53475
  • Page Rank – 5
  • DA: 57/100

If you actually want an occupation on web technologies, then Srinivas will be a wonderful guide for you. Because he loves web development :).

8) Tech 2

My most loved blog when I have to think about the most recent devices in India. Tech is the ideal place where you come to think about the telephones, frill, new dispatches in India and so on. was as of late moved to

Tech 2 is a wander of Network 18 Media. Tech 2 has turned out to be more well known in most recent 2 years and furthermore made places everywhere throughout the world. Tech 2 At A Glance –

  • Founder/Owner – Network 18 India (company owned)
  • Started In Year – 20o8
  • Topics Covered – Current Technology Updates, Gadgets Reviews
  • Income Source – Adsense, Direct Ads
  • Alexa Rank – ~1836
  • Page Rank – 3
  • DA: 80/100

Details for Tech 2 are extremely great, data that you will get past Tech 2 is truly helpful. Thus, at whatever point you need to think about the most recent innovation news or surveys about most recent cell phones or portable PCs, simply sign on to

9) SaveDelete

From the name of the area one can envision how innovative the author of this blog is. Definitely ! SaveDelete was at first began by Jaspal Singh as an innovation blog.

Be that as it may, now SaveDelete offers news and tips identified with Indian governmental issues, games and all the incident in India. Intriguing thing is, SaveDelete likewise conveys you nearer to Bollywood tattles. SaveDelete has now a group of 6 folks (counting Jaspal Singh) who chip away at its substance, online networking and SEO related exercises.

Jaspal lives in Pink City of India – Jaipur :). Jaspal is a hunk with mechanical specialist however adores to expound on the innovation patterns.

Alongside blogging, he likewise runs a web improvement organization. You can read about the web tips and can discover fascinating locales which can make your work more easier through SaveDelete.  SaveDelete At A Glance –

  • Founder/Owner – Jaspal Singh
  • Started In Year – 2009
  • Topics Covered – Internet tips, Technology, Politics, Entertainment, Health, Sports etc
  • Income Source – Adsense
  • Alexa Rank – ~146855
  • Page Rank – 6
  • DA: 50/100

Savedelete is a ideal place where you can find links of exciting website at one place.

10) Hell Bound Bloggers

Simply one more blog to peruse about blogging. As of late HBB additionally began sharing Internet and innovation tips. HBB is taken care of by Pradeep Kumar. Pradeep is an exceptionally bashful person and ever less found in advertising his blog.

Pradeep Lives in Chennai and for the most part expounds on Blogging tips. Hell Bound Bloggers At A Glance –

  • Founder/Owner – Pradeep Kumar
  • Started In Year – 2007
  • Topics Covered – Blogging, Tech Tips
  • Income Source – Sponsored Reviews, Adsense
  • Alexa Rank – ~ 89312
  • Page Rank – 4
  • DA: 55/100

Hell Bound Bloggers ended up been included in our list because it is one of the oldest blog from India which shares Blogging guidelines.

About me – Chartered Blogger : Most Googled blog by Chartered Readers

Myself ( Farhan Rasheed ) established this blog in 2003 and the first blogger to Blog on Real Estate in India, Currently rank No.1 on Google for Real Estate Blog & Bangalore Real Estate Blog.From that point forward, Chartered Blogger (Erstwhile & has turned into an extremely vital piece of my life. Its like I can’t envision my existence without Chartered Blogger and blogging.

  Chartered Blogger At A Glance –

  • Founder/Owner – Farhan Rasheed
  • Started In Year – 2003
  • Topics Covered – Real Estate ( Since 2003), From Year 2017 included Blogging Tips, Make Money Blogging, SEO Tips,Fashion Blog,Food Blog,Tech Blog,Finance Blog, and Web Hosting
  • Income Source – Affiliate, Adsense, SEO Consulting, Real Estate Consulting.

I bet you will get great tips for blogging on Chartered Blogger. If you are a newbie, you have landed the best place on web to learn blogging tips and make money blogging.

What We Learn From These Blogs ?

To accomplish something additional common, we generally require some sort of direction and inspiration. In the event that we discuss the blogging, the examples of overcoming adversity of different bloggers would be an incredible motivation for us.

At whatever point I am free, I read different online top Bloggers and gain knowledge from them. Truth be told I would recommend everybody to do a similar thing. As the early English precept states –

Experience Is A Great Blogging Teacher !!

On the off chance that you are not that great as the blogger recorded above, realize what they did to accomplish the phase where they are standing now.This achievement is not accomplished in a solitary day, ceaseless endeavors are required without losing the trust. Last musings about the top bloggers in India

In case you’re a dynamic blogger and inspired by advertising and profiting blogging, you may have effectively acquainted with the above top Indian sites. Make a point to subscribe to them, tail them on twitter and Facebook and construct associations with them.

All things considered, blogging is about systems administration.

This was the rundown of my most loved online top bloggers and what I would propose you to peruse. It would be ideal if you let me know whether you think some more online top Bloggers ought to be included the rundown and which you find fascinating in perusing. It would likewise be incredible in the event that you could share your most loved sites which you feel are best in their separate niche’s.