Will Boycott Bharat Bandh against Demonetisation ! “Bangaloreans to Black Money Holders “

Bengaluru : After the announcement of Bharat Bandh called by a united Opposition on Nov 28 against demonetisation, Bangaloreans especially the white money holders have decided to work 2 Hrs Extra on 28th November 2016 and have taken an oath to support demonetization, Will boycott black money holders in Bharat Bandh against demonetization .
The citizens of IT City Bengaluru have started circulating whats App messages which reads as below : 
  1. Dear friends,

IRRESPONSIBLE  Black Money Politicians are planing for BHARATH BANDH on November 28th, asking for support from other political parties. This move is very ridiculous and shameful. As a responsible citizen of India, we should not support this move and also work 2 hours extra on that particular day to support this demonetization by Indian government. 

This is my oath.

If u agree please share this with as many as possible. 

2. I Don’t Support Bharat Bandh on 28 – 11- 2016 for protest against demonetisation of Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/- currency notes for fight against black money, terrorism and corruption – A True Indian 

3. (Bank Employees) we will Boycott the Bharat Bandh called by the Black Money People, Will work another 2 Hrs extra to support White Money People to Deposit there old Rs.500/- & Rs.1000/- Notes and allow them to withdraw there hard earned money . We worked on both Saturday & Sunday after the announcement of demonetisation to help citizens of India, now that the situation has come to normalcy and the que in our banks has reduced to just 10% what it used to be earlier do you think we should support this Bharat Bandh. No way will not go our sacrifice done working extra days in the weekend to go waste. We Support Demonetisation & boycott Bharat Bandh on 28th November 2016.  

Few Twitter Messages online about #demonetization are as below :
  • Prof Rakesh Sinha
    Verified account

This #Demonetisation is historic.Since Mughal rule currency was never completely withdrawn in 1 swift action.Its essential to defeat corrupt
  • Rajdeep Sardesai
    Verified account

What public needs is knowledge about #DeMonetisation impact on their lives. Less noise, less chest thumping, less allegations, more facts!
  • Jaini
Dear @MamataOfficial stop these crocodile tears & study Assam model to resolve issues of tea labourers #DeMonetisation
  • Sir Ravindra Jadeja
Didn’t See Common Man Protesting Against #DeMonetisation.Some Hypocrite Politicians Who Have #BlackMoney Stashed Doing #DeModitisation_March
  • বানীব্রত দাশগুপ্ত
Stone pelters vanished in a night,no violence..no killing no burning..we opened shop after months #DeMonetisation  (Kashmir)
  • Pradeep Mamgain
Actually, What PM has done to Kejriwal & Mamta by #Demonetisation is worse than Jail. They are like Fish without water!
 Dear All Valued Citizens of India , I have also taken oath to support Demonetization to fight black money will work 2 hrs extra when the Black Money Holders are Observing the Bharat Bandh on 28th November 2016 and take an oath to spread this initiative taken by Bangalore Citizens to fight corruption , Fight Black Money and make our country become strong in economy.
Also to note that your feedback is important, All readers are requested to post there feedback via comment box below and if you support not to observe Bharat Bandh please share this article in social media.
Real Estate Blogger – Farhan Rasheed , Bengaluru


  1. Absolutely support farhans message. Let's fight against the nefarious bandh. Fight the corrupt politicians who are showing their true color. Facade has come off

  2. Im not supporting those creepy creatures… De monetization was the best nd absolutely best decision taken so far… Just waiting for more these type of decisions by our pm..