Thanks to Relaince Jio, .Jio may End .Com Dominance in India

Thanks to Relaince Jio, .Jio may End .Com Dominance in India
Mukesh Ambani is the founder of .JIO, the company that acts as the registry operator for the .JIO domain. When interviewed him for “Jio Stories” September issue, he told us, “We change the way how domain name works in india with ‘JIO’ and we should end domain names the same way.”
Reliance Group’s new telecom company, JIO, revealed that it is making its online home at COM.JIO – a move that could signal an end to .com dominance in india for good.
Ambani to applied gTLD domain with new extension .JIO last year to get into the generic top-level domain name business. What are gTLDs? Whatever follows the “dot” in a URL: widely used, “.com,” a domain that has come to symbolize a whole lot more than a just a punctuation mark and three letters might suggest
Over the past 2 yrs, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and No’s is changing how internet & domain names work by introducing new gTLD’s . Though the Internet can seem infinite, Digital real estate is not and most of the “best dot coms” are taken, leaving folks struggling to create web-sites with simple, easy-to-find web-addresses. (In the case of Relaince, JIO.COM routes to the newly launched mobile network website but soon will change its web address to COM.JIO
The web solution: To expand beyond .com, .gov, .net, .in, .co and .edu with new top-level domains names approved by ICANN. The non-profit org has introduced more than 700 new gTLDs to the Internet so far. Just submitting an application to become the registrar of new gTLD costs USD 185,000 and, in cases where more than one company laid claim to a gTLD, bidding wars skyrocketed into the multi-million-USD range. Tech giants including Alphabet and Amazon entered bidding wars for hot domain names such as .book and .app. But there are new domain players, too, including firms and entrepreneurs dedicated solely to the gTLD internet business, like .JIO. Relaince group plans to enter business model on selling domains with dot JIO domain name.