Goodbye to paper documents and license, time to introduce Digilocker.

Goodbye to paper documents and license, time to introduce Digilocker.

Let us be honest here, we have all been accustomed to pay a needless fine imposed on us by traffic officials regarding incomplete documents or legal papers. It is not always possible to carry your documents every time you drive. Gov. of India has taken an initiative and we cannot thank them enough.
Digilocker and its inception:
Driving two-wheelers has never been a pleasant experience. At least once in your lifetime you might have been booked for insufficient papers and documents. The frustration has been increasing exponentially inside every Indian. It is not a sin to ask for a driver’s license or documents of the vehicle, if the traffic police suspect something fishy. It is absolutely legal and valid, but we all know the truth. Police inspectors charge the vehicle owner or driver with some baseless acquisitions and impose a fine of 500/- or even more at times. It is useless to fight with an official like that as they will threaten you and tow your vehicle and take it under their custody. Honestly, people don’t have that much time to fight and often opt for paying the fine and get rid of the situation.
Ethically speaking, this is not what we want our future generation to learn. To curb this problem the Govt. of India has taken an initiative and builds an app that not only reduces the headache but can be seen as a potential bribe-burner.
Benefits of installing Digilocker:
It is a kind of necessity nowadays to list the pros and cons about anything and everything. Let us start with the pros:
·         A huge relief for everyone as they do not need to carry the original documents and the license every time they get out of their house.
·         It is not safe to carry the original documents as once lost, it can be really painful and costly to produce another one. Digilocker is the remedy to such problems.
·         The system is corrupted and there is nothing new to talk about, with the introduction of Digilocker, at least a small part will be healed and can be seen as the dawn of a better mindset.
·         With 1GB space, you can store your driver’s license, vehicle documentations, address proof and other educational certificates. The need for papers and photocopies can now be seen as past and all you need to have is a working net plan and right information.
·         Police will also be benefitted from it as more than 18-crore vehicles are registered digitally with more than 10-crore driving license registered under the ministry.
Now a bit about the cons: This is absolutely brilliant as there is no harm and all good in it. All the information provided will be verified, which will ensure zero infiltration and a non-polluted traffic system.
It is worth noting that not many countries in the world have had this privilege of using such an app. Our Govt. has taken steps to ensure a transparent traffic system. Let us all be a part of it and help make India a better place to drive-in.