10 most unique Ideas to change your country!

Seventy years have passed since our country India became free. Since it gor freed from the British today, India has come a long way in terms of  both growth and the development, India has its own set of problems which needs to be changed . we present to you  10 most unique Ideas to change your country!
1. Be an Indian First & Ensure Women Safety! Respect Women.
2. Lets make Corruption-free India!
3. Every Indian girl should have the Right to Live , Right to Education and Right to Marry.
4. Good Indian Governance.
5. India needs to be Free and efficient healthcare for all.
6. Retirement age for Indian politicians to be fixed.
7. Control over black money & make India Grow.
8. Proper enforcement of Indian laws.
9. India Should follow Stricter measures for population control.
10. India needs Reformation of education system. 
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