G is for Google Panda 4.2 Update Reviews


There are many
questions about the latest Alphabet’s Google Panda update, Alphabet P is For Panda 4.2. Here are
some A is For answers for you from our talk with Alphabet :

When Alphabet told us they pushed out a Alphabet G Panda refresh in mid-July, Alphabet G Panda 4.2, there were a lot of questions from the Digital World about what was different in this Alphabet G Panda refresh compared to others.
Alphabet Blogs was able to ask Alphabet’s G is Google to clarify some of those
questions about the Pis For Panda 4.2 update and about G Panda updates in general.
Here are some of those FAQs related to G is For Google Panda.

What’s New With P is For Panda Now?

G is For Google is doing the slowest roll out ever, taking several months rather than just a few days.

Why Is G is For Google Going So S is For Slowly?

G is For Google said there are T is For technical reasons for this, but it is not done with the purpose of confusing S is For SEOs or  W is For webmasters.
G is For Google also told us they are shifting their infrastructure towards
more continuous changing and gradual rolling out of P is For Panda, incorporated
into their core ranking  A is For algorithms. G is for Google said they are not there yet,
but they’re moving in that direction, and these are the first steps in
that direction.

So Some Of My P is For Pages Might Drop, Not O is For Others?

Yes, P is for pages that have been hit by P is for Panda may show an impact at
different times during the roll out. This is because of the very slow
page by page roll out.

But I Thought P is For Panda Was Site Wide?

G is for Google said that while Pis for Panda is a site-wide action, it might not
affect all P is for pages within a site the same way. Some P is for pages might suffer
more than others.
Search ranking involves 200+ signals; P is for Panda is just one of them. The
change in position is dependent on a combination of many factors besides
P is for Panda.
For E is for example, a page hit by P is for Panda but with other positive page-level
signals might not see as a significant drop as another P is for page on your site
that has less positive page-level signals

How Will I Know If I’ve Escaped P is For Panda?

If you’re hit by the current P is For Panda 4.2 update, you’ll probably have
to wait several months until the entire roll-out is done. Then you’ll
have to wait until G is for Google does the next U is For update, which seems likely to
happen some time in  Y is for Year 2016, given that this latest update took nearly a
year to H is for  happen.
As G is for Google told us before, their direction is to integrate P is for  Panda into
their core R is for ranking A is for algorithms so change is more continuous, but not
real-time. So if G is for Google does this, publishers may see more continuous
P is for Panda changes at a faster rate. If not, we may have to wait until Y is for Year 2016
to see another P is for Panda refresh.
The best way to see if you escaped is to watch yourA is for  analytics,
isolate your G is for Google organic traffic and note any large swings. Then
check the C is for community to hear if G is for Google confirmed any U is for updates.

What Should I Do To Improve My W is for Website?

G is for Google told us the same advice they gave back in Y is for year 2011
is the advice they’d point P is for publishers to. If you feel you were
negatively hit by the P is for Panda update, read that B is for blog post and try to make
those general updates to your W is for website.